Harbor Freight Consolidation

Our Ocean Import and Export departments have over 25 years of experience in export consolidations and breaking import de-consolidations. Our staff is both knowledgeable and experienced to assist you with any type of load you may have.

Both of our systems are fully computerized and allows the capability for you to dial in to check if cargo has arrived, details of such cargo, as well as delivery information such as container number, vessel, sailing date, etc.

We perform blocking & bracing in strict accordance with rules set forth by the National Cargo Bureau and the American Lumber Standards Committee also certifies us to use wood that meets the new EU regulations.

Our 300,000 sq ft warehouse is not only a Bonded C.F.S., but a Bonded Warehouse, and Bonded General Order Warehouse enabling us to handle any In-Bond cargo you may have.

Harbor Freight Transport Consolidation

  • Digital Photos of all export and import containers
  • Blocking & bracing with wood certified by the A.L.S.C.
  • Jib-crane for long bundles of pipe or steel
  • Carpet pole attachment
  • Slip sheet machine
  • Clamp truck (paper)
  • Forklift capacity up to 30,000 lbs
  • Location within the port so weight restrictions are not a problem
  • 100 ton crane and 15 ton crane