Founded in 1947, family controlled and operated Harbor Freight Transport Corp. continues to be a major player in the port.

Steve Liberti, president and owner, and his son, Stephen Liberti Jr., have expanded their operations from a container freight station and export-boxing company to call for specialized handling of cargo in the Port of New York and New Jersey.

Harbor Freight’s location in the port allows transport of oversize and heavy-lift cargo to move from the terminals to Harbor Freight’s facility without any permits. Harbor’s trucks never leave the confines of Port Newark and Port Elizabeth when handling oversize and heavy-lift cargo.

Breakbulk is enjoying a boom on flat racks at ports Newark & Elizabeth, and Harbor Freight Transport Corp. has continued to be a choice of shippers, terminal operators and steamship lines in the handling of damaged containers, transloading, bulk commodity handling and the resecuring of cargo that has been refused by the National Cargo Bureau as being unsafe for ocean transport.

Harbor Freight Transport Corp. has participated in numerous conferences in conjunction with the Port of New York & New Jersey, promoting the use of the ports and the services offered by Harbor Freight Transport Corp.

The Libertis have continued to expand their operations with indoor and outdoor cranes, the storing of wide variety of metal products, including aluminum, steel and stainless steel, in sheets, ingot, and coil. The export-boxing operation can handle cargo for boxing up to 100,000 pounds and offers the customer an opportunity to move their machinery to the port, uncrated, have it boxed and delivered by one company in the port – Harbor Freight Transport.

The needs of the client and Harbor’s responsiveness has proven to be positive for all concerned.

Joseph N. Mattio, Senior Vice President