Harbor Freight Transload

If you are looking for a Transload facility to handle your shipments, you have undoubtedly found the most experienced and efficient company prepared to handle all of your needs.

Our location inside Port Newark/Elizabeth Marine Terminal puts us only minutes away from Maher Terminal (3.9 miles), PNCT (2.8 miles), APM (4.2 miles) and Red Hook Newark (2.2 miles). In addition, we are only 6.8 miles from Global Terminal and 12 miles from NYCT. This close proximity to all of the container terminals allows us to react and pick up or deliver to any pier with very short notice and given our fleet of over 65 trucks we can assure you of a very speedy reaction to any request.

Not only is our location unbeatable, our experience and ability in handling all types of cargo is unmatched. Whether your cargo is pallets, autos, bulk, pipe, steel rolls, steel sheets, aluminum ingots, wood or raw machinery we have the expertise and equipment required to safely and efficiently Transload your cargo. And, because we are located inside the mariner terminal we are capable of handling overweight containers without the need for permits.

Lastly, our hours of operation are very flexible and allow you the time needed to arrange your next mode of transportation. Our facility is open for pickups and deliveries from 7am-11pm Monday through Friday and special arrangements can be made for Saturday and Sunday as well.

Harbor provides the following:

  • Bonded C.F.S., CHL Cartman, Bonded Warehouse, and G.O. Warehouse
  • 300,000 sqft
  • 120,000 sqft of Heated Space
  • Flat Rack Lashings
  • Open Top loading
  • Overweight & Distressed Loads
  • Hazardous Blocking & Bracing
  • Transloads & Re-Works
  • Export Consolidations
  • Import De-consolidations
  • Project Consolidations
  • Distribution to 48 States plus Canada
  • Long & Short Term Storage Air Freight
    (Both Import & Export)